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Long Time Coming

Has it really been that long since I have sat down here at this computer to write?!

I look back at my Happy Holidays post and consider how much has changed in the intervening months. A quick update on what I have been doing:

  • I signed the lease on a commercial building for a new business venture that will be going live (hopefully!) by the end of this year. Definitely more to follow on this one!

  • I am teaching more classes for writers and creating online courses as well.

  • Both of my oldest kiddos are doing very well in their respective military careers, all over the world.

  • My youngest left elementary school and started middle school this year (ugh - where does the time go?)

  • My partner moved in! He and I are doing really well and slowly making this house a home once again.

  • The Triplets, as they were called by their doggy daycare, have all settled into life with each other and with our new family dynamic.


In other news, I am starting a new journey - one that challenges my conception of work/life balance and what investing in myself looks like. There are many things to get done, but I am learning to lean on others to help lighten the load. Stay tuned for what exactly this is going to look like for this website and all my business ventures!

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