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Burn Your Boats

Legend has it that upon arriving in present day Mexico, Cortés gave the order to "burn the boats," a physical manifestation of his desire to show his men there was no turning back.

The truth is less legendary and a bit more ruthless. Cortes did not actually burn the boats and he was not looking to inspire his men. Instead, after hearing of a potential mutiny, he sank his boats, claiming they were no longer sea worthy.

Now, the legend may or may not be true, but we have come to use this phrase to mean that we are forging ahead against all odds. So despite the mischaracterization, the sentiment behind the idea of lighting a match to the past is the same.

What does any of this have to do with me?

Because it is time for me to burn my boat.

I have so many projects that I have started, I have neglected to focus on any of them and get them to the finish line. I have decided that I can no longer do that. I have a plan in place that will ensure I start to make headway on all the current projects I have outstanding while allowing for future creation!

So, be on the look out for more frequent posts, more classes popping up on craft here on my page and an announcement very soon about the newest works I am developing to hit the shelves later this year.

~ B

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