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Living with (great) Intent

And now...the rest of the story!

After the roller-coaster ride of the last few months, I wanted to take some time off and relax just a bit. But for those of you who know me, relaxation wasn't on my agenda! Instead I came up with new ideas for books & courses and all the ideas for my new arts and crafts studio (more on that in the upcoming weeks!) Because of all these things that pull me in different directions, I have decided that I am going to be living and working with Intent from here on out.

But what does that actually mean?

Well, for me, it means I will need to break some old habits and start a few new ones. I have often said I *live* by my calendar, but that's not really true. What I should have been saying was I live by whatever I remembered to put on my calendar - and even that is malleable.

This week I decided that instead of giving lip service to the things that I want to do, I will do the hard work to make sure it happens on a consistent basis. That means putting my phone down, my nose to the grind stone and doing work when I need to, not when I want to. It also means that I have to start prioritizing - in not only my work life but my personal life.

So this week I decided to stop lamenting about the time sucks in my life and start doing something about them. I am a huge believer in practicing what I preach. Not tomorrow, not January 1st, but now. I needed to start prioritizing my day on my calendar and scheduling the things that are important and learning how to let go of the things that are not.

Here's where you, dear reader, come in: I need you to help to keep me accountable.

It is very easy to say these things; it is another to actually put these things into practice (again for those that know me Procrastination might as well be my middle name!) So I am putting my plan out here so that not only can you help to keep me accountable, but I can also be accountable to myself.

I will mess up (a given in life in general) but anytime someone starts something new there will be ups and downs. But I will *always* be honest about it. Because if you aren't willing to be honest about your mistakes, how will anyone take your successes seriously? What I am (hopeful) for is my fans and followers - those people that cheer me on even when I feel that self doubt creeping in - will help to keep me grounded and on task.

I have a lot to do over this weekend. Many things to put into practice to write.

I guess I better get started then, huh?

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