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Happy New Year!

Well, here we are - a new year!

I have spent the last month at my parents’ home in Florida - spending time with them in a way I haven't since I left home years ago. This was due partly to my mother's health issues and the unknowns that the future holds. And while I have loved the ability to enjoy the month of December without worrying about frigid temperatures and watching all sorts of Hallmark Christmas movies (some multiple times), it is just about time for me to head back to my own little family in Nebraska. But before I head out - a long 22 or so hour journey from one place to another - I wanted to get the new year started off right by getting back into writing in my Journey Journal and getting everyone up to date on what the past month has been and where I see this journey.

I took most of the month of December off from work, instead spending time with my parents. My mother spent a week in the hospital early in the month and is doing better now, recuperating back at their home. To keep myself busy when I first got here, I decided to help go through a few rooms that were stuffed to the rim with paperwork and boxes that hadn't been unpacked sine their move here a few years ago. We cleaned out quite a bit

I started back up the last week in the month and have found some great new ideas pinging around in my head and a new-found desire to pinpoint some of the older ideas into fully formed outlines. Horatio keeps me on track - and I promised him I wouldn't banish him to the computer bag unless we were traveling from one writing location to another!

This year I have decide against some large 'new year’s resolution.' Instead, I am going to make small changes that I want to see in my life; a 'minilution' rather than a resolution. Every minilution will be actionable and have some time element with it as well.

My first minilution of the year will be to write every day.

All kidding aside, writing every day is more about giving yourself permission to write terribly instead of worrying about every little word. I have a nasty habit of editing while I write, which ultimately break up my creative process while I write. So by making this minilution, I am giving myself to write about anything or nothing at all. But I must write.

So here's to writing every day: the bad, the ugly and the good too!

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