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Happy Thanksgiving Week - Day 1

Anyone that knows me knows I *love* to be in the kitchen (almost as much as I love writing!) So it should come then as no surprise that I love a holiday that focuses on food! In years past, our little family of 5 has gathered around our table to celebrate this holiday with a Pizza Baking contest. A winner take all affair where each person has a vote for best pizza and cannot vote for their own creation.

Unfortunately this year will look just a little bit different. Both my older two boys are (happily) off living their lives and cannot safely come home. And, I am a bit more health conscious this year than those Thanksgiving's of the past. So this year, we decided to celebrate the whole week of Thanksgiving. Each day we will make a new Thankgiving-ey take on a dish that is at least mostly vegan/vegetarian.

On deck for tonight: Leek Couscous Acorn Squash with a side of homemade Onion Kale Bread Stuffing. (confession - I have already tried the bread stuffing since it is pre-cooked and only needs to bake tonight...OMG! This is definitely going in my normal weeknight rotation - so good!!)

Onion Kale Bread Stuffing - Ready to Bake!!

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