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Incredible Things on an Incredible Day

Today's the day! I think I've been more like a kid on Christmas morning than a professional writer today - my first run of Forbidden Fruit: Poems of Love, Loss, Hope and Regret finally made its way from printer to my doorstep! I made contact with everyone that purchased a copy to let them know they were here so we can arrange for pick up and ship out those that needed shipping. Even Horatio got in on the celebration today!

And other great things are happening today too!

The Nebraska Poetry Society officially launched over the weekend to great fanfare! Not only am I stepping into the role of Vice President, I will be doing a weekly gathering of writer types to help feed our muses. I am very excited to grow this group over the coming months and get to know the members of our group. Every Wednesday on Muse Maintenance I will host a virtual get together of fellow writers to do some accountability drills and tips and tricks to help feed a writer's muse (even when the muse can be a bit pushy and a touch overbearing much my Horatio!)

AND (as if this day needed any more things to celebrate) I started drafting my next novel! I have a few in the works, but this one is my first foray into mystery/thriller territory and I have some great feedback from my last writer's group meeting on somethings I can work on to improve the first draft. Love my group of Chucksters (as we call ourselves)- they are an invaluable wealth of inspiration, knowledge and my one of my own sources of accountability.

Now, off to make dinner!

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