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Thanksgiving Week - Day 2

Okay, Okay. So yesterday I was all full of myself because the stuffing was *amaze-balls*. And now I must humble myself and say that only one person in my family liked what I made last night - me. The youngest kiddo (he's the only one of my kiddos left in the house) powered through about 70% before The Hubby finally had mercy on him and told him if he was still hungry he could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To his own credit, The Hubby ate all his portion. Me? I loved it. It wasn't seasoned quite enough but such is life when cooking new recipes! I can adjust the seasonings easily and have it ready for the next time I prepare it. The only downside to these revelations is I will have to scale my recipe down to a single serving.

So where does this leave me? Well - I still have a week of Thanksgiving dinners to prepare so I am going to shake off the disappointing showing of last night and focus on tonight: Butternut Squash Shepherds Pie. Maybe I'll throw in some brownies for desert to appease the pre-teen gods that reside in my house. Overall, another ambitious night of cooking with *hopefully* a better reception than last night.

Last night's dinner may have been a bust, but on the upside The Hubby and I have a date today, I am killing it on my word count for my next project and my poetry book is humming along in its final stages of compilation.

Seems like quite a bit to be thankful for!

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