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Thanksgiving Week - Day 3

Strike Two!

So two days into Thanksgiving Week and I have struck out a second time with my menu. This time there wasn't a soul in my house that was willing to eat the concoction that came from my oven last night. The sad part is, by themselves, the components of the shepherds pie tasted great! It was only after I combined them they became something they shouldn't have.

In the end, my ambitious Day Two dinner ended up being baked potatoes with salt, pepper, and Daiya Mild Cheddar Cheese (for those that aren't in the know it's a Vegan Cheese that is *really* tasty!)

So to preserve my sense of self, I have given up the cooking to The Hubby for the next two nights 😂 Tonight will be Taco Burgers and tomorrow is our Family Tradition of homemade pizzas. I am really excited for tomorrow - I'm swinging for the fences and going with a Thanksgiving Dinner Calzone. Turkey cutlet, with mashed potatoes, corn, maybe brussel sprouts, and a turkey gravy. I figure I'll try again with another my Thanksgiving Week meals on Friday. I have opted for a menu that included four different foods, instead of one casserole type of dish. Maybe by Friday I'll be back on my game and not strike out completely this year!

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