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Thanksgiving Week - The Final Day

I hope your Thanksgiving Day festivities (for those of you celebrating) were as great as mine! Thanksgiving Day Pizza was a smashing success! I finally hit the nail on the head with my Thanksgiving Calzone last night - it was a Thanksgiving Day feast in a calzone package! I'll post the recipe in case you have leftovers and need something to do with them! The Hubby and the kiddo came in a very close second with some awesome creations. The first was an Italian sausage calzone with sautéed veggies. The kiddo went with tried and true peperoni and cheese - but I'm pretty sure he added some of the other ingredients on the counter! Either way all three turned out delicious (and filling!) We were all stuffed - so much so that date night with the Hubby turned into me watching a movie while he fell asleep!

Thanksgiving Calzone - baked to perfection!

For my last night of Thanksgiving Week Celebration - a traditional veggie thanksgiving feast. Plus a shawarma spiced whole roasted cauliflower head. We will see how it all plays out - it is in the oven now and we will be eating soon!

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