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It is officially December (okay, okay - so it was officially December yesterday - but I'm a procrastinator, what can I say?) Regardless, I have some exciting news:

My new poetry collection Forbidden Fruit: Poems of Love, Loss, Hope and Regret is now available for Pre Sale on my website for only $10!

The book is slated to go on sale in just a couple weeks (December 18th) but you can pre-order your very own copy before anyone else! There is an option for local pick up for those that will be in the Omaha Metro that weekend.

This project has been *years* in the making. Why?

Mostly because I lacked confidence in my work; I thought I had to be published in multiple literary magazines before I could put out a collection of my own, that my words were too edgy, or (name any other self defeating thought you can think of.)

However, I found a wonderful group of people that helped me face all those doubts and fears. Those writers became my writing family - they helped me to tell the difference between my good and bad writing, between what was a rough draft and where I should probably add a bit more. And I have had some personal challenges of my own this year. Ultimately the journey to get here has taught me is this:

You are only held back by yourself.

All those doubts I had, all those fears I let stop me, were what I allowed them to be. I gave them the power to alter my future, so I had to overcome those fears and doubts. I had to be the one to say Yes! my writing is good enough, powerful enough, to put into a collection for others to read.

So here we are. December 2nd, 2020 and I am on the verge of seeing that dream become a reality. If you couldn't tell, I am very excited to bring this collection to print. I work hard on my craft and I am ready to share those works with the world!

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